Your organization’s guide to Superlative Leadership.

The Worksmiths 5-Part Leadership Framework

We’ve used this framework to create custom programs that helped 700 professionals significantly improve their performance and even overcome their greatest career challenges.

Learn the Story

We connect with our client and understand who the client really is, including his or her motivators, needs, goals and professional story.

Uncover the Ecosystem

We gather feedback from the client and colleagues. This can includes 360 feedback, interviews with key stakeholders, and a host of other leadership assessment tools that apply to specific circumstances.

Show the Mirror

We create a client-confidential report that articulates the client’s core strengths, areas for growth, and overall perceptions others have of him or her.

Craft an Action Plan

We create a 2-page executive action plan to help the client see with acute clarity what he or she needs to “start, stop and continue doing,” complete with specific action steps and calculated timing.

Support and Accountability

We provide the on-going support, counsel, and cheer necessary to ensure these changes stick. Through guided practice the client can transcend to the next level of performance and success, pulling the organization along as well.

What does coaching 700+ individuals look like?
We’ve coached CEOs, Presidents, COOs, CPOs, EVPs, SVPs, GMs, VPs, Directors, and Team Leaders.
We’ve done this in Luxury Retail, Financial Services, Hospitality, Telecomm, Pharmaceuticals, CPG,
Entertainment, Higher Education, Consulting, Insurance, Transportation, and Global Non-Profits.