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When your leaders grow, your company grows. We’ve helped hundreds of individual executives accelerate their impact and the impact of their teams. With the right personal coaching, managers can become leaders and leaders can become heroes.

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Is your organization’s culture advancing or hindering your strategy? Get clarity on the answer with our in-depth culture assessment. We’ll help you calibrate several cultural dimensions to build more employee loyalty, customer loyalty, and profitability.

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Your managers and leaders can make immediate upgrades across your organization. Get them in a room and get a tailored education from an award-winning instructor with over 20 years of leadership, culture, and communication experience.


quotesBrandon’s coaching for our leaders has been a tremendous hit across the organization. He’s helped our leaders navigate culture change, inspire their people and drive accountability to greater results. Our leaders trust Brandon and value the coaching and feedback he has provided them.”

Trish Patton
VP Human Resources Full Line Stores


quotesOur culture is critical. Brandon’s work with our leadership team over the last four years has helped us to maintain and evolve our culture as we’ve continued to grow at a record pace.”

Mike Cote
VP and General Manager

quotesBrandon has been a great partner in taking my skill set to new heights! He provides the perfect blend of challenging me to leverage my strengths while at the same time addressing my opportunities. The results have been both professionally and personally rewarding over the past year.”

John Cruz
SVP and Store Director, New York Store

quotesBrandon helped me to recognize the issues that were hindering my performance and make the necessary changes. A promotion later, I’m leading at a completely different level.”

Sam Freesmeyer
VP Engineering, Global Electronics

quotesEvery leadership session led by Brandon gets rave reviews from our global emerging leaders. While they come from 5 continents, they all connect amazingly well to Brandon’s style and message. He knows how to strike the perfect balance between theory and actionable advice, giving an immediate boost of confidence and motivation to his audience.”

Marina Brecheteau Jung
Sr Advisor, Global Talent Strategies

quotesBrandon did an incredible job helping us frame our corporate values, mission and purpose statements. Those critical elements have helped us shape our culture and increase overall morale.”

Mitch Wintraub
CEO, Pinnacle Promotions


We have coached over 700 executives and consulted with more than
40 companies that all believe the same thing: work doesn’t have to be
“just a job.” We believe work can be how we grow as people, how we
express ourselves, and how we really impact someone else’s life.
Work can be a source of connection, pride, purpose, and meaning.

That’s what Leadership Refined helps clients do.
That’s what
Culture Crafting can do for an entire organization.
That’s what the
right learning can do for the right group at the right time.
I love this work every day. But there is one reason why I would do something else.

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